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“What is Boudoir Photography?”

I am a photographer that specializes in Playful, Risqué, and SEXY. What that means is I want you to have fun with your session, do a little something out of your boundaries (I only imply nudity, you’ll never see your “personal bits” in my work, unless you specifically ask for it), and of course- I want you to feel SEXY and confident about yourself!

I achieve this by mixing tasteful lingerie with flattering poses and intricate lighting.

Most people have dreamed of doing a shoot like this, as it’s generally a fantasy of theirs but don’t think they ever could, don’t have the extra money, or never think they’ll find the right person to feel comfortable enough having a session with. Put your fears aside! I meet with ALL my potential clients prior to them taking one photo, signing one piece of paper or paying one cent. As your photographer, I want your photos to have emotion, connection, and personality, just like I do. My work is a representation of me, one of the best parts. That’s why I offer a free meeting, so you can view what I can offer you!

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