Hi there! Looking for a photographer I see! I’ll give you some general info about how I do things:

I meet with ALL my potential clients for completely FREE; prior to them signing one piece of paper, paying one cent, or taking one photo. I do this so I can ease your fears about hiring a professional. You can get to know me, you can view my portfolio and what I have to offer you! As your photographer, I want your photos to convey emotion, connection, and personality, just like I do. My work is a representation of me.

And I want that to be the best part of me.

Here’s a synopsis of how my sessions go:

1) FREE Consultation

During our first FREE consultation meeting, You’re provided with my portfolio so you can see the consistency of my work, we can go over the expectations you have for your session and I can help you determine what would be the best options to fit your needs, I also have a few samples of the products that I sell.

If you choose to book with me at that time, we will then pick a session appointment date and you can pay for your collection. My collections start at $350 with a $50 product credit. Upon booking and payment you’ll get a folder of info to help set you up for success with your session!

The preliminary consultation can last as long as you want to get the answers you need and for us to get better acquainted.

2) Your AMAZING session. Then Editing it.

Typical sessions last less than 3-4 hours with Hair and Makeup included. Typically I only take 3-4 days to edit.

3) Image Reveal and ordering session!

~View the finished edited portraits on a large format HIGH RESOLUTION monitor.
~I’ll help you choose what products work best FOR YOU in the simplest way possible!           ~Order and purchase any additional products that were not in your collection.

4) Special Delivery

~Once I get your products, I will check them over to ensure perfection, repackage them, and inform you I have them available for delivery or pickup. Because it’s like opening up presents at Christmas when you receive your products, I like to record your reactions. I post these recorded reactions on your session blog after everything is all done. The blog includes some highlight photos from the session, your reaction video, or pretty much whatever we agree to put in it, as each blog is unique to your session.🙂
~Not sure how to hang your large products? I PERSONALLY DELIVER! NO need to worry about the tools to hang your finished products! Get it installed for FREE!

Please fill out the form below for session inquires.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you!

Brittany Taylor                                                         (563) 579-9119