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Now I know you probably have some questions right off the bat… Let me give you the run down about how a typical session will go… Keep with me as I’m a little long winded… but it’s interesting!

1) “What comes first?”

Contact me! I would love to expedite the process for you by just having a sit down Free Consultation to go over all your questions in one meeting. During this meeting I’ll show you everything I offer from a portfolio of my work to the sample products that are available. We can discuss pricing, wardrobe, location, etc. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.

Brittany Taylor (563) 579-9119

2) “What do I need to get ready?”

First, decide what theme you want to go with. Why are you getting these type of photos done: To show yourself how sexy you look? To capture your youth (We ALL feel we look[ed] good at some point) right? Anniversary? Valentines Day? Other special holiday? Just to show your significant other you love them? Getting Married/Bridal Boudoir? Etc.

Next, Get on PINTEREST! The link below are ideas that have inspired much of my work. Some photographers will tell you they don’t copy Pinterest as they won’t replicate the pose; this has some truth to it, no I cannot replicate the pose because you are not that model, I don’t have that photographer’s lighting, and a number of other variables. However, Pinterest is important because it will help visually stimulate a concept of what you would like me to do with your theme. For example, perhaps you’re looking for more body images without your face, or you like a certain light setup judging from the ones you like, all these things can help me determine the style you choose. If you would like me to design a storyboard uniquely for you, I would be happy to! Just give me some parameters and I will run with it!

Lastly, here’s some advice about the “nitty gritty”:

Once you pick a theme, it’s easier to pick out lingerie. Lingerie is *KEY. A flattering set of lingerie can be all you need to show you things you NEVER see about yourself in the mirror. Typically I suggest matching bra and panty sets or chemise type lingerie (click link for example). Footwear: I suggest footwear that matches your lingerie. Like barefoot sandals,  ankle bracelets and toe rings, or super high heels (3+ inches, even if you don’t normally wear them, they look incredible in photos, anything less than 3 inch heels and they tend to look … blah. Besides, you don’t have to walk in them)! Don’t have ANY of this? No problem. I can help you raid your closet, or even help you shop! The best option is to wear lingerie that lays flat on your body, no digging in nor too loose. Here are a few links to my favorite online stores:

Cacique/Lane Bryant is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to shop. Just click Here to be taken to their website. (Link opens in new tab)

Yandy.com offers a HUGE selection of all types of products, BUYER BEWARE: USE THE MEASUREMENTS-Not the sizes!!! Just click Here to be taken to their website. (Link opens in new tab)

Tanning, if you’re going to do it, it should be done more than ONE week BEFORE your session, don’t tan the week of your session. I don’t suggest any type of spray tanning for boudoir sessions at all; it leaves funky residues on your set and it’s almost NEVER even, not to mention in photos it hardly ever looks like you expect it to.

Shaving/waxing, you should make sure you are well groomed to your standards, however due to the nature of boudoir, if you don’t want it in your photos, make sure you try your best to remove it ahead of time, post hair removal gets tricky and the more editing I have to do with it, the less real your skin will look. So here’s some tricks to minimizing the “fuzz” and irritation caused by body hair removal. Wax 4-5 days before your session, this should leave enough time for your skin to settle. Shave in the shower at least 4 hours before your session using warm water and a smoothing lotion or hair conditioner as a shaving aid.

Nails, I suggest getting a manicure/pedicure. The best nail polish for boudoir is french tips. I recommend french tips because they go with absolutely EVERYTHING! You don’t have to do any color correcting if you have outfits that don’t match your nail color. Of if you’re going with a nail color, try for one that matches all your outfits.

3) “Ok, Sounds Good so far. What can I expect during the session?”

First off, FUN!!! A typical Boudoir session includes 1-3 hours at the location choice of the client, the client is responsible for location expenses unless it is a photographer sponsored event. Add 1-2 extra hours for hair and makeup if done by my team of professionals.
Keep in mind that between wardrobe changes, checking hair and makeup, resetting scenes/lights, or moving locations, it can be a lengthy process as with typical modeling depending on what your theme is or what you’re going for.

4) “I’M SO EXCITED NOW! What can I expect AFTER the session?”

Believe me, I am always excited too! After the session is over and we’ve had a ton of fun and some good laughs and captured what you were looking for and we made sure in camera; in about 1 Week you will receive an invitation to view your session photographs as they are meant to be seen, with the proper calibrations. I will then help you choose and order from my lab the best products to flatter your specific interests. I provide wine (for those 21+) during these image reveals!

5) “I’m a little worried, I saw you posted photos on Facebook and your website, am I going to end up there? I don’t know if I want everyone to know I had this done…”

NO WORRIES!!! 1) Any images on my Business Media have signed model contracts accompanying them stipulating that those SPECIFIC images could be posted online. 2) Your session is completely confidential if you want it to be, I only post images online or use them for marketing with written permission. 3) While I DO love to record your reactions to receiving your photos, and would love to blog about our experience, again, I respect the privacy of my clients and understand if you want this to remain “hush hush.” 4) Privacy is the most important of many reasons you order with me in person!

6) “Can I be a model on your site?”

ABSOLUTELY!!! You are welcomed to schedule a regular session and sign an image release contract which is similar to the modeling contract, you just release certain images for me to use for marketing purposes.

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